Who We Follow

Sometimes, to be a good leader we must regularly learn to be a good follower. 

In the world of social media, this can be a practical reminder as we are trying to build up our followings and networks. 

Following, engaging, commenting and learning from others within your network can offer valuable contributions and tips to improve the quality of your own social media channels. Don’t simply follow competitors and your own followers but seek out others who lead, inspire and teach. 

Today’s #TopTip highlights a few accounts who do just that.

Instagram For Business

We confess we held off following thinking we would simply be sold and told what we already knew. We are eating humble pie as we dig into the social media giant’s insightful content, learn practical tips from their featured users, and are impressed by their beautiful imagery. 

Instagram: @instagramforbusiness 

Blog: Instagram for Business Blog.

CW Leadership + Teams

Prepare to be inspired.

Corene Walker of CW.com (formerly Coach Approach) challenges individuals to explore the way you think and how you respond to life including the bumps and tumbles. She loves to build communities of like-minded people who effectively change the world from the inside-out. 

Her regular feed will offer simple tips, encouraging reminders, and ways you can overcome fear. 

Facebook: CW Leadership + Teams

Instagram: @corenewalker

Twitter: @corene_walker

Grass Roots Media

We can’t help but put a cheeky plug here. The truth is, GRM exists in two NZ industries: Digital and Primary.

We hunt through the overwhelming information about the former to bring the best to you in the latter. We want you to succeed so our team works hard to create content with you in mind. Follow us to stay one step ahead of your social media game. 

Watch this space as next week we will discuss how to engage with your online community and be a follower who leads well.