How do I write captivating Instagram captions?

How do I write an engaging Instagram caption? What should our tone be? How do I even get started?

One of the questions we’re often asked here at Grass Roots Media is how our clients can create more compelling Instagram content.

Critical to your business being a ‘hit’ on Instagram is the ability to create engaging captions to support great imagery. Hitting the right tone at the right time, and providing the right mix of content that engages your audience, while driving them to take the actions that support your business objectives.

A good caption allows you to show off who you are as a brand, promote products and services, explain topics in an easy to understand format, drive followers to make specific actions, and reach and engage with new audiences.

Here at Grass Roots Media our team knows what’s what when it comes to putting together a good Instagram caption! So, inspired by our own and our client’s captions that get the greatest number of likes, shares, saves and clicks we’ve pulled together 25 Instagram caption starters for you to use in your own marketing.

We’ve split them into eight categories, covering the key aspects you want to be hitting to get the right balance in your social media communications. Customise the captions for your business using our text intro, then add in your relevant content, hashtags and your caption is ready to go!

Download the resource