Create Quality Content

As we explained in our blog , 'Want To Create Quality Content?', sometimes you can feel as stuck or as if you have hit a ‘Content Creation rut’.

Trista, our Content Chick at Grass Roots Media, is here to help you get out of this rut, and start planning your content, so you can get on with your Real Job.

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Community Management Assessment

As we explained in our blog post titled, ‘Social Media Engagement: It’s a party!,’ social media is like one giant party with lots of rooms and plenty of opportunity to showcase your brand, make meaningful contacts and watch your brand blossom. 

If you’re about to attend the party for the first time or have been there awhile and are wondering why it doesn’t seem to be working for you - it can be valuable to take a quick look in the mirror and see how you’re perceived by others. 

After this, you can begin chatting with confidence. 

Allow us to be your mirror.

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10 top tips for producing video content

Videos make great storytellers. They make information more digestible and easier to understand. That's why marketers are trying to use video as much as possible and why you should be including it in your social media content strategy.

Never fear. We know creating video’s can be hard slog, which is why your friendly team at GRM have come up with this EPIC 2-page resource to help you plan, execute and distribute your own video content.

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Social Media Crisis Management Plan

It only takes 10 seconds for negative commentary to go viral - have a plan!

This free resource will give you the basic outline you need to write your own social media crisis management plan and help you defuse any complaints you receive online. Everything from what a crisis vs problem is, how and why you should develop holding messages and what key resources you need to support your crisis management plan.

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Business Manager 101

Business Manager is an essential business management tool for your Facebook and Instagram accounts, which allows you to manage who has access to your accounts, develop advertising campaigns and deep dive into audience analytics + much, much more.

Learn more on why you need Business Manager in this blog from Boss Lady.

This free downloadable, walks you through how to setup the basics in Business Manager for your business.
It’s as easy as 1, 2….10!

Events Social Media Planner

Take a deep dive into the why and how you can use social media for your event.

Why use social media for event marketing?

  • You need to inform

  • You need to build appetite

  • You need to connect and

  • You need to capitalise

I talk more about this equation in my blog Events + Social Media.

To help you put this in to action, this month’s free downloadable is an event social media plan. You can download this by clicking the button below.

Content Calendar Downloadable

Don’t let your mind tell you content planning is a daunting and unmanageable task.

This free content calendar template, will help get your creative content juices flowing. Now all you need to do is write some engaging, entertaining and real content your audience will love. Just remember…make the amount of content you publish manageable! Three days of quality content is better than seven days of poor content.

Your audience will thank you for it.

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#HotTip: Ensure each piece of content fits into one of three content pillars; Brand Awareness, Conversion, Engagement.

Social Media Goal Setting Downloadable

Make 2019 your best social media year yet, by downloading this free goal setting resource.

This three page printable will help you to align your social media goals with your business goals and ensure your goals are measurable.

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#HotTip: Review your goals quarterly to see how you’re tracking and adjust accordingly.

LinkedIn Top Tips

Get the best from your LinkedIn profile with this free downloadable outlining seven of our best tips for creating a superstar profile.

This five page workbook walks you through the setup of your profile from uploading a professional photo to a SEO, keyword friendly Key Summary.

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#HotTip: Don’t forget to shorten your LinkedIn profile URL too!