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Boss Lady

Chelsea is the Owner of Grass Roots Media and takes on the primary role of 'Boss Lady.' Chelsea has a background in Agribusiness, Social Media, Digital & Print marketing. She has developed a passion for digital communication over the past few years and sees it playing an important role in telling the Primary Industries NZ Inc story now, and in the future. 

Chelsea completed the Kellogg Rural Leadership programme in 2015, which helped create the business plan to launch her business. She is a 2016 Women of Influence finalist in the Enterprise and Rural categories and was a semi-finalist for the Auckland University Young New Zealander of the Year in 2017.

In her spare time she's a Board member for New Zealand Young Farmer's, avid Equestrian lover and has recently purchased a bike to learn how to cycle again. She's never far from her colouring in book either!

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Chelsea Millar


Content Chick

Trista Burn is an American-born-Kiwi-by-marriage communications specialist. She studied Communications and Business at Whitworth University. Trista met her husband, Calum, on a study abroad programme at Massey University in the Manawatu. The pilot swept her off her feet and inspired her move to New Zealand after completing her degree. Trista quickly received a crash course in the NZ wool industry and supported multiple companies in telling their story. In 2016 her son Micah was born and she is currently learning the fine art of toddler negotiations.

A dairy farmer’s daughter and a legacy deeply rooted in ag, Trista firmly believes in the value of agvocating for the primary industries and sharing their stories with consumers. In other words - the heartbeat of GRM. 

Other fun facts about Trista, is she was the Washington State Dairy Princess and Ambassador for a year. Yes, tiara, banner and all #soamerican. Home made Apple Pie, Mexican food, soft chocolate chip cookies and coffee are the way to her heart. She is NOT a dog lover but one affectionate GSP pup named Harry has wiggled his way into her heart and she’s not sure how that happened. 

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Trista Burn


Community Chatter

Anna is a passionate member of the rural community. She is not only our Community Chatter but super Mum to Isabelle and older brother Jonty, as well as loving wife to Jon. 

Anna grew up on sheep and beef farm at the top of the South Island, and in later years in the Wairarapa. She loves making the most of every opportunity, which allows her to swap her city shoes for boots and get back out into the country. Adding to our team of photographers, Anna also loves getting her camera out to capture those special moments.

In her spare time Anna can be found racing around the netball court, indulging in great wine and food, and spending time with her family.

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Anna Bailey


Super Admin

Jessie is a Taranaki born and bred lass, with a background in Journalism and the primary industries.

Jessie is involved with Federated Farmers, the Ballance Farm Environment Awards and is also the Taranaki/Manawatu Regional Young Farmers Chair. She spent four years in the South Island working in marketing and has a soft spot for the Otago region. 

She can often be seen at her local cafe grabbing a flat white, at a Young Farmers event, or at the families horse trekking business, immersing herself in Taranaki's beauty.

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Jessie Waite



Isabel grew up on a sheep farm in Southland. She moved to the North Island in 2011 to try get into Vet at Massey University. However, she didn’t make the cut so moved into Ag Science and never looked back.

In 2014 she completed an AgSci degree with honours and started working as a Junior Research Officer in the Soil and Earth Science at Massey, collecting and presenting data from the Dairy 4 cow house and grazing trials. Up until that point Isabel had avoided dairy production, so quickly learnt how dairy farms operated. She did this for two years and in that time learnt a lot, enjoying the varied work from collecting data to helping with teaching or data analysis. Isabel decided she wanted to stay doing that sort of work, therefore, required a PhD.

She is currently in the final months of completing her PhD in Animal Science. Her thesis is looking at the genetic parameters of body condition score in sheep. A far cry from her work with GRM, which focuses on Instagram and Twitter engagement.

In her spare time, she is an avid gym goer, can always be found on Instagram and is part of the Wanganui Young Farmers Club.

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Isabel Tait