7 Content ideas when working from home

Are you in lockdown or needing to work remotely? We understand that during this time there are a tonne of business challenges that marketers have to deal with. But with a little clever thinking this time can also provide you with a great opportunity to create some compelling content that drives really positive engagement.

To help you out, we’ve pulled together 7 content ideas for you to utilise in your marketing during this period.

1. Thought leadership or long-form content 

With the majority of New Zealand, including your marketing and communications teams being in some form of lockdown, chances are they have a bit more uninterrupted time to spend creating content. Our suggestion - put them to work in pulling together some of the long-form written content, whitepapers, e-books etc. that you have had on your to-do list. 

2. Interactive content via Facebook such as this or that questions

What do the majority of people do when they can't leave the house? They scroll their phones.

With more time being spent on social media platforms during lockdown, this is a great opportunity to engage with your followers with short sharp content and creating images and asking people to use Facebook’s reactions to vote on ‘this or that’ is a fun and easy way for you to engage directly with your followers and spark conversation online.  

3. Business leader profiles & videos 

If you’ve been wanting to get your CEO or leadership team in front of the camera, (hey SME’s this includes you too), but have struggled to pin down a time in their busy calendars, lockdown might actually work in your favour. Chances are that calendars are slightly less hectic while working from home and this is a great opportunity to connect with your audience by putting a face to the business. 

4. Light hearted and engaging content using GIFs 

Have a bit of fun with your audience.  Ask them a question and get them to answer it with a GIF.  It is a great chance to show the fun side of your brand and get to know your audience along the way. 

5. Rehash existing content

Lockdown is a great opportunity to do an audit of your existing content - videos, photography, graphics, articles etc. and look at how you can rehash and promote it. Do an audit of what you already have, and how you have used it before. You’ll be surprised at the amount of content you have that can be used in a different way or that you may never have promoted to begin with. 

6. Email Newsletters

With more people spending more time in front of their screens, now is a really good time to send out your email newsletters. If you’re a business that’s unable to trade during level 3 or 4, why not send an email that reminds customers about who you are as a business, using some of the compelling content you’ve managed to create with that little bit of extra time you’ve had on your hands. 

7. Photo Call

These days we all (well, most of us) have a phone in our pockets everywhere we go, which has a decent camera. This allows us to capture more and more in the moment content that we can share online. As a business capitalise on this with a photo call. Simply put, this is you asking your audience to share a photo of a certain thing - pets, home life, lockdown baking, favourite landscape photo. You can make it specific to your business or as broad as you like. The benefit of this is it also builds your photo library for future posts - just remember to ask permission to share the image in the future and always photo credit the photographer.