Snap maps get a little less creepy on Snapchat

Snap maps on the popular Snapchat platform have had an overhaul.  The app has now tightened up on a few of the privacy concerns that sent many users into ghost mode after it's 'show everyone where you are' map was released last year.

Snapchat now lets you send your real-time location to a friend, or request theirs, which then shows up on the Snap Map and within your message thread. Once in the chat screen with your friend you can share your location, or request theirs, by clicking on the three lines in the top right hand corner, they will be sent a request to activate their location and will be given the option to share with you only or with all friends. 

Sharing your location is only available between contacts that also follow you.  It will also only update live for eight hours after you last open the app, however you can cancel someone’s access at any time through the Snap Map. 

While in my eyes this feature is still a bit creepy, I can see exactly where my little brother is working today, I won't be taking myself off ghost mode anytime soon. However I can also see the merits of using this feature, for example when finding your way to a meeting or event.  Do you or will you use this feature?