Portrait function on Instagram

Hot off the press! Instagram has a new portrait tool called 'Focus'.  Keeping your face crisp and clear,  while blurring out the background, resulting in a a pretty professional photographic effect. Not only is this feature available on still photos but it is a very cool addition to videos. 

No longer do you need to have the right model phone, Instagram has found a way to bypass this, allowing all iPhone versions above a 6s and some Android devices to use this feature.

To find the focus function go to the camera in your insta-story and scroll across the options along the bottom, in between Boomerang and Superzoom you will find focus.

When I was buying my recent iPhone8 I was really torn about whether or not to get the 8+ - purely for the fact that I wanted this function that came with this phone.  Quietly pleased that i decided to go for the modest 8!