Messenger in Facebook Groups


Noticed a new messenger feature in your Facebook groups?

Wondered who you might chat to in your local Buy/Sell page or Toddler Sleep advice forum!?

We gave it a try just to find out.  You know, just so you don't have to!

Within a large mutual group we pushed the 'start chat' button and set up a test message.  Within minutes we were underway!  We wanted to find out how people joined and found out about our chat so set up a poll.    Most people had a notification pop up in Messenger, as well as having it appear in the groups newsfeed.

If you ask me it is a super strange new feature.  Many groups that we belong to are massive.  Imagine if all 25000 people on your local garage sale page decided to chip into a group chat that someone got started. Chaotic is one word that springs to mind.

While I can see benefits in large like minded groups, for example in organising local or regional catch ups for a farming group.  However I am yet to see or hear of these benefits.  Would love to know if you have had any experience  - good or bad - using messenger in a group you are in.

Have you been part of a discussion in the new Messenger for groups?  Was it productive?  Did it work?