How easily could you give up social media?

Is this research spelling the death of social media in the near future?

Some of the latest research out of America, states that the majority of American's now use various social platforms, however a relatively large share of these users feel that they could give up social media without much difficulty. 

Would you agree?


Well here's some facts.

The latest figures from the Pew Research Center say that some 59% of social media users think it would not be hard to give up social media, with 29% indicating it would not be hard at all. By contrast, 40% say they would indeed find it hard to give up social media – although just 14% think it would be “very hard” to do this.

At the same time, the share of social media users who would find it hard to give up these services has grown somewhat in recent years.

The Center asked an identical question in a survey conducted in January 2014, and at that time, 28% of social media users indicated they would have a hard time giving up social media, including 11% who said it would be “very hard.”

Is this addiction for dopamine and oxytocin becoming worse than the addiction caused by drugs, sex and alcohol? 

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