GRM Half-Yearly Review and Free Downloadables

Goal setting. Social Media Content Calendars. Events + Social Media. Business Manager 101. Chatbots.

It is half-way through 2019 and as we prep for the next six months, we are reflecting on everything we have brought to you in the last year.

Talk about a walk down memory lane.

In addition to social media strategy and content development for our existing clients, it was our goal to help you up your social media game.

Every month we put together the following based on the above topics:

  • 4 educational blogs

  • Relevant tips on our social accounts

  • Monday Night FB Live Videos

  • A DIY downloadable (They are still available!)

  • A GRM deal and offer of service

You see, we believe we are only as strong as our industry. We are a team of passionate agvocates who want to help the NZ agriculture community communicate more effectively in the digital space.

We hope our resources have found helpful homes in your Social Media strategy.

What was your favourite and what do you want to see in the future? Here’s what the team had to say.

Jessie Super Admin

Super Admin

“I enjoyed the experimental marketing blog as it made me think about how I am marketing some of my projects, and it was neat to see how businesses are using it - especially Primary ITO” - Jessie

Image from iOS (62).jpg

Community Chatter

“I loved events month because we were deep in the midst of covering multiple events ourselves as well as sharing our top tips with our audience along the way!” -Anna

Chelsea Grass roots media

Boss Lady

“I liked the content calendar month because we made it clear, easy and creative for our clients by providing them with basic, yet effectively efficient tools to make their content strategy excel” - Chels

enjoy bitmoji.png

Content Chick

" I also really enjoyed the content calendar month because this is a huge pain point for so many people and it really doesn’t have to be that hard. It also tied in nicely with our goal setting month.” -Trista