Your own personal Chatbot

Chatbots are quite literally popping up everywhere. 

And now Google are testing this form of Artificial Intelligence to communicate with your network and friends. 


This Chatbot, which they are dubbing Reply, is to generate AI-based suggestions to replies in order to answer messages across multiple platforms, it is said to be compatible with Android Messages, Facebook Messenger, Skype, Twitter, Slack, and Whatsapp.  It will use your location, calendar, and planner to answer questions like “What time will you be home?” and “When can you meet?” with greater accuracy.

So next time you message me and you get a message saying "Sorry I'm on a tropical Island" it might actually be from my super handy personalised Chatbot, I'll be drinking Pinacolada's by the pool! (oh my gosh I am totally dreaming right now!)

What do you think of using a personalised Chatbot?  Would you use one?