Want To Create Quality Content? Start here.

Ever feel you are on the struggle bus when it comes to planning or writing content for your social media pages? We know we need to consistently post a couple times a week at least to stay at front of mind, but let’s be honest, “Content Creation Rut” is real.

Yes, yes it is.

As the Content Chick at Grass Roots Media, my goal this month is to help you get out of this rut, start planning your content, and getting on with your Real Job.

Before we go anywhere - let’s be honest about WHY we find ourselves are in said rut.

This is what I have been hearing: Fear you are going to post the wrong thing. Uncertainty of where to start. The intimidating ‘blinking cursor’. Bored of you own content. A lack of ideas. All legitimate but

This month’s blog series we will take it back to the basics, offer a few handy tips, share examples and how we can help.

Back to the basics: What is Content Creation?

Welcome back to the social media party.

Last month we discussed how social media is like one big networking party with lots of rooms - Facebook, Snapchat, LinkedIN. We also discussed the value of “working the room” at said social media party - in other words? Community Engagement.

When you first arrive at the social media party, it’s important to take a look around and see how other people are communicating on each platform. Then it’s time to jump in and bring your own voice to the table!

This is content.

Content is the conversations you are starting, the information and photos you are sharing, and the business cards you are handing out at this party. It is the topics you choose to bring up, the tone of voice you use, and the video and images you use to frame them.

Each tells a story about your brand.

The truth is, if you are creating good stuff - people will stop and listen - if not, they will pass you by carry on scrolling. Don’t let this intimidate you but rather take it as a challenge to think like your audience and create quality content.

Don’t Be THAT Guy - Be THIS Guy

Last month we met a few characters you might meet at this social media party you DON’T want to be like and ways you can overcome the temptation. Here are a few more in the Content Creation realm.

Have you ever met that guy speaking at an event who you KNOW you will have the same conversation you had with him the LAST time your paths crossed? He sounds a little bit like a broken record.

On a social media platform, this guy is just one too many uncreative photos of the same dog in a row. His entire newsfeed is full of shares from other pages but he doesn’t share WHY he shared them.

Don’t be like this guy.

Plan ahead and vary your content between captivating, educating, and activating content for your community. Use a variety of links, images, and videos.

{Watch this space for a free downloadable to help you with this coming soon!}

Let’s meet someone else.

Have you ever met that person at the party who talks too much but never asks your thoughts or opinions? They over share and simply tell you what they think while you sip your drink in silence.

Don’t be this chick.

Instead, you can use your platform to engage your people in real conversation. Ask authentic questions. Encourage followers to share a photo of THEIR day in your comments and reply back to them. Share an opinion and be open to HEARING what other people have to say.

Here’s our last social media party pooper.

This guy is so humble, he doesn’t us the networking party to it’s fullest advantage. He has a lot to offer but ends up leaving the party chatting about everyone else and without ACTUALLY sharing.

Now, as Kiwis we don’t hate this guy. However, don’t let your Tall Poppy syndrome allow you to be like like him. You have something great to offer, a brand you are proud of so use this opportunity to tell others about it.

Over and over we are told to “Tell Our Story” — use the platforms in your pocket to do just that.

This doesn’t have to be boastful but it can be educating. You can invite people to purchase your product, use your services, receive your newsletter, back your industry or join your movement.

Time To Get Started

This is the first step to creating content - thinking about the people who are listening to you: be interesting with varied information, inviting, use the opportunities you are given and be proud of what you offer.

Next week we will have some practical tips on scheduling your content in advance and ideas to help you get started.

But first, be sure to take advantage of this free downloadable for you to review your current content and create new pieces for your platforms.

If you are struggling with where to start or would like a month OFF of thinking about what to write, take advantage of our Bespoke Content Calendar. Trista will have a quick chat with you about your current pain points and develop a 30-day content calendar with social media ideas and direction. Looking forward to it!


Trista GRM

Trista Burn is an American-born-Kiwi-by-marriage communications specialist. She studied Communications and Business at Whitworth University and is currently learning the fine art of toddler negotiations.

A dairy farmer’s daughter and a legacy deeply rooted in ag, Trista firmly believes in the value of agvocating for the primary industries and sharing their stories with consumers. In other words - the heartbeat of GRM.