Top Tip: Hacking Blue Light

Top Tip: Hacking Blue Light

The use of technological devices has increased tenfold in the past few years. More than ever before your eyes are exposed to a far greater amount of Blue light. During the daytime blue light helps to boost mood, attention and reaction times. However at night time it meddles with the bodies natural tendency to wind down, playing tricks on melatonin secretion which helps the body keep it’s rhythm and the ability to easily go to sleep.

How To: See a Business Page's Newsfeed

 Are you looking to find where your business page's newsfeed went? Don't worry it took us a while to find it when it changed too. 

Look on the right-hand menu for the button labled, "See Pages Feed". See? Now you see it it is hard to un-see it. 

GRM FB page.png

Now, don't just let it sit there! Be sure to click in once or twice a week to see what your community is saying, doing, and then jump into the conversation!