Boost Your Blogs

Do you write blogs but feel they aren't visited as much as you would like?

Perhaps you are considering adding a blog section into your business's website?

Here are a few tips to get you started and set the scene:




1. Consistent layout

In each of your blogs whether they are weekly, fortnightly or monthly, chose a theme and style then stick to it. When flicking between blogs you will have a sense of continuity and tidiness.

2. Unique colour palette which matches brand

Your branding may have 2, 3, 4 colours? Choose two of those and use them in your blog imagery. This helps with consistency as mentioned above as well as brand incorporation

3. Regular posts have a theme 

A bit like these! - 'What's New In Social Media' or #WNISM gives a weekly theme and tells you clearly what to expect within. Make sure you turn it into a hashtag for social media grouping!


4. Consistent logo usage 

If you are using original brand images, pop a watermark on them (after you have chosen a consistent position) If you are signing off at the end with a bio of the writer, pop the brand underneath as a signature.

5. Signature phrases 

From the above I'm already pulling out the theme of 'Consistency' so "Consistency is key" comes to mind and would be one that could be used in many ways across the world that is social media marketing. 

6. Limited font usage for easy to read posts

Keep your fonts clear and simple. Arial, Calibri for example. Don't use anything curly or 'handwritten' and make sure you use consistent spacing, for ease of read. Think of it as taking a breath between sentences or slightly shifting topic.


Have you got anything you'd like to add? Send us a message if you think we should include another section!