Listen and Engage Before You Speak

Last week we discussed that to be good social leader we must first learn to be a good follower. We also shared the types of people we are currently following ourselves. 

To take this to the next step, this week we will discuss ways to follow with genuine intentionality.

Imagine you are standing in a room you have specifically filled with individuals you want to hear your story, your brand, and your messages. You are dying for them to hear what you have to say but it feels like NOBODY IS LISTENING. They are too busy chatting about themselves.

This can be what your social media space feels like when you see low engagement statistics.


Here's an age-old trick to get people to listen: actively listen and engage first.

In the real world, this looks like an interested facial expression, nodding, asking questions and complimenting. In the digital world, it looks like responding to posts in comments, likes, asking questions, and yes - genuine compliments. 

CHALLENGE: This month we dare you to take 5 minutes 3x a week to listen and engage with your online communities. Here are some tips to get you started: 

GRM Listening and Engaging Tips

  • Be genuine. Don't be "that guy" and fake it. 
  • Be curious. Ask real questions. Use this as an opportunity to learn.
  • Go above and beyond simply using #hashtags on your posts and hoping people will find you -- follow the most relevant tags to your business and comment, comment, comment. 
  • Utilise a Social Listening tool. Want some direction with this? Contact us!
  • Facebook: Are you a business page and can't find the way to see your community newsfeed? Use this tip here: How To Find Your Business Page's Newsfeed
  • Comment on Instagram stories not just posts. This will capture their attention and automatically starts a Private Message (PM) conversation. 
  • Use more than three words in a comment. 

Don't have time to do this but know it is important? You are looking for a Community Manager. Don't worry. We know a guy. 

We asked you to tell us who does this well and you showed up!