With A Little {Content} Help From My Friends

You could probably do it all. We believe in the ability of most of our social media clients ability to do it all, and do it well.

That being said, we all get by with a little help from our friends.

Why not do what you do well AND find help to ease your pain points? If you are feeling like you are floundering with your social media and content is your pain point, here are all of our resources in one place!

Whether you are looking for DIY, coaching, or complete social media management - we have the tool for you.

Here’s a look. 

Blog: Want to Create Quality Content? Start Here.
This blog post helps you understand the social media party you are attending, how people are talking, and how you can find your place in that space.

Free Downloadable: “Quality Content”
This downloadable will help you look at your own social media pages and ensure you are creating quality varied content to create regularly engaging conversation.

DIY Blog: 10 Questions to Ask When You Don’t Know What To Write
This practical piece offers you ways to get our of your “content block” and come up with ideas to put with that photo. {Don’t have images? Don’t worry. Next month we will be helping you capture those just-right-images you need!}

Blog: Who is doing it well? Meet Pip.
She’s killing the Instagram game. She’s simply sharing her story, the story of her station, and what’s happening in her kitchen. Here are some secrets to her success.

Trista is eager to sit down and help you create A bespoke content calendar for $47 . This is only available until the end of October but this unique coaching style will work to help you actually do it all and do it well!

Still looking for something else?
We have other coaching and complete management ideas available. We are known for creating packages that fit our clients and their needs. Give us a squawk.

Trista Burn is an American-born-Kiwi-by-marriage communications specialist. She studied Communications and Business at Whitworth University and is currently learning the fine art of toddler negotiations.

A dairy farmer’s daughter and a legacy deeply rooted in ag, Trista firmly believes in the value of agvocating for the primary industries and sharing their stories with consumers. In other words - the heartbeat of GRM. 

You can easily win her heart with a killer Apple Pie, Hazelnut Latte or an invitation too Mexican Food. mmmcmm tacos.