Oh magnificent Twitter!

Logging into Twitter on 10 March, I discovered #NZwritersweek was trending!
Everyone pause!

This is a real thing. How immensely exciting! Being a nerd for the word, secret arts lover and advocate for all things Kiwi I figured I had to find out more.

It turns out there’s a whole plethora of contributors and creatives that gather in Wellington for this week to share and inspire.

Unfortunately, I won’t be able to personally attend this year, but I thought what better way to celebrate than doing some of my own writing. Personally I believe my best writing comes when I discuss things I am passionate about, for example; agriculture and people.

If I have interviewed someone and they've shared excitement and passion about something, I love regurgitating and sharing it.

Every creative will have a creative process, whether they know it or not - it happens.

The creative process is something very personal to an individual. Everyone has a different method of getting themselves ‘in the zone’. However, if you’re able to discuss the creative process with others there can be a lot to learn. It’s a very intimate and powerful time to have what’s in one’s brain flow out directly onto a page or whatever your chosen outlet may be.

The opportunity to better oneself, or try something new can be a great challenge or even perhaps a writer’s block resolution.

If I were to try and narrow down my top five favourite things about writing, they’d have to be:
  1. The fact that no two stories are ever identical,
  2. Through the written (and spoken) word you’re always learning,
  3. No one ever has to see what you’ve written unless you choose to show them,
  4. It’s a medium that can take shape in so many different ways. You can learn about fact, be taken away to a fairyland or mourn someone’s death all through words,
  5. Number five was challenging to choose, but it’d have to be the fact that the written word can be timeless. You may have lived centuries ago and still  have your work studied and performed in schools and poured over by enthusiasts for centuries following.

I am thankful that I was encouraged to read every night before bed as a child. I believe that is central to my love and capabilities of writing today. What better gift to a child than a book?
Below are a few of my old favourites from growing up.
What were your's? We'd love for you to share your favourite so we can reminisce together.