What's new in Social Media | Week Two

Facebook Messenger Basketball

With the latest update from Facebook Messenger, they have graced us with the world’s greatest distraction – Basketball via messenger. A very simple game, but a surprisingly challenging one. You don’t actually need any real physical skill as you flick the virtual ball into the hoop, but if you have the slightest of competitive streaks this will be awoken. 

To play this game of 'Basketball' or what we'd call 'shooting hoops' simply send the Basketball emoji to a friend, or group of friends if you like a challenge, within a messenger message then press it - you're away.

Once you get to 10 points a rather familiar situation happens for anyone brought up on 90's computer games. The backboard starts to move from side to side, setting you a new set of challenges. Get to 20 and the board moves faster. We haven't managed to get past about 23 points but you get the idea. 

A completely mind absorbing distraction for anyone needing a distraction or simply a cure for loneliness.

If you want to leave your friends in dust at the scoreline, watch this YouTube video on 'How to get a higher score in Facebook messenger.'


Another new fun feature of messenger lately is brining a winter wonderland to your phone. Much like the basketball emoji, type in the snowman, and the person you're messaging will receive a screen full of snowflakes upon reply! 

Twitter’s Birthday

There’s been a lot of chatter recently that Twitter might be in trouble after its shares plummeted because of concern on Wall St about slow user growth.

Rumor's of an altered format on twitter are yet to eventuate, with suggestions of an expansion on the 140 character length that could make or break the future of the platform.

However, the addition of a ‘gif’ button and a layout not dissimilar to Facebook and Instagram of “most relevant stories” at the top of your Twitter feed, show that despite the rumors, Twitter is still proactive.

You have to wonder if in 2006, the founders expected it to be turning over $500 million every quarter just ten years later.

Despite these rumours Twitter recently celebrated it’s 10th birthday with a confetti explosion happening with every click of a love heart.

A subtle yet unmissable remind that it was their birthday.

MSQRD - Masquerade

Snapchat isn't the only app which allows you to make yourself look ridiculous when taking a #selfie. The bonus with Snapchat is that unless someone screenshots it (guilty as charged) the distorted #selfie disappears for good.
As the name suggests, Masquerade allows you to 'masquerade' as someone or something else! It's a separate app available for download in both the App Store and Google Play. 

There's around 34 masks to choose from, with updates happening regularly. You can either snap or record a #selfie to send to friends on your favourite networks.

In it's recent update you can look like an Irishman in aid of St Patrick's day, become Batman or Superman and there's still the classics such as turning your face into a bear, a gorilla or simply make yourself look like Jimmy Kimmel!We'd love for you to share your MSQRD #selfies with us - the laughter it brings is good for your soul!

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