A Guide to the Ultimate Rural Shindig - Part 1

As 'technically' the New Zealand summer party season is coming to a close, it might be a good time to reflect on your participation in the festivities over the summer that has been.

We’re now going to delve into the depths of a topic that is close to my heart - parties and events. If you’re about to throw your hands up and say “I’m too old for that!” You’re either shy or a liar. I am of the belief that everyone can have an awesome time at a party.

Let’s start with the easy stuff - Shindigs as a party-goer. Here’s a couple of key points to consider as a party goer.

Make sure you are appropriately dressed

Many take this aspect of party going for granted. If you’re unsure on these few key details, ensure you contact the host of your party to establish the location and the level of formality of the event. Because nothing kills your party vibe more than feeling like the tool who shows up in a three piece suit to the Friday arvo BBQ and beers.

The aspect that is rolled into this is climate, without sounding like your Mum, if you think you might need to take a jumper - do it! Better to be snuggly and happy then freezing and regretting your decision, because an alcohol blanket isn’t an attractive accessory for anyone, especially if you're over the age of 20.

Finally if you’re a lonely farm boy who really isn’t sure on the dress code ask a mate! Often the males will be as unsure as you are, and the females, by default, are often naturally good at this stuff - they won’t judge. Promise!


Will there be any? Do I need to bring any? Generally speaking the traditional rule is don’t show up empty handed....to anything.

Common courtesy is to contribute, whether it’s a bag of chips or an entire pre-prepared dish with complementary bottle of wine. Whatever it is it’ll be appreciated. Even if it doesn’t get used, you’ve been polite to your host by contributing.

If you're off to a party full of farmers, you generally can't go wrong with meat, but they often appreciate something that's a little bit left field. 

The Sober D

Let’ s face it, it’s 2016 and you won't be going anywhere if you’ve had a couple of beers after driving yourself to the venue. Round up a few mates before hand and suss out who’s going to be the sober driver this time. Everyone takes a turn, and maybe you shout the Sober D a round of McDonald’s on the way home.

Whatever works for you and your friends to make sure you get home safe and sound. You’re too valuable not to look after yourself while you’re out having a great time.


This isn’t a lecture on knowing your limits, but if it takes you a couple of drinkies to get you on the dance floor then by all means, beersies all round and dance the night away! Just make sure you don’t become that guy at the party.

Galbraith's are a yummy uniquely kiwi option! 


Remember why you’re attending, you’re there to have a good time! Socialise, relax, and enjoy the company of people you might not get to see every day! You never know, you might be inspired to be the next host!

So we’ve been over a few key points as the party-goer, make sure you catch Part 2 of this mini blog series for some hints and tips as the host of the party!

Grace Pettit is the Content Marketer for Grass Roots Media NZ. She regularly blogs about Agricultural Industry news, Social Media updates and anything in line with her passions of Horses, Young Farmers and Agriculture.