A Guide to the Ultimate Rural Shindig - Part 2

So we’ve been over a few key points as the party-goer. However, the next step is when you decide to take the plunge and become the host!


Those of us who are fortunate to live a minimum of 1km away from the nearest neighbour means two things: you probably live on a farm, and you can most likely party into the small hours of the morning with no concerns about keeping the neighbours kids up all night or the charming arrival of noise control.

However, assuming you’ve read the “tips for party go-ers” blog make sure you take into consideration how expensive a taxi ride home for your guests might be and maybe set up that spare bedroom to give people somewhere to crash.

With appropriate decorations and perhaps a hay bale or two for seating, any shed or paddock can be transformed into the ultimate party haven.


Having a reason to party is often a good start, but not always a necessity. If you just feel like getting a group of people round to socialise then go for it!

To add a level to the party hype, add a theme to your event! If it’s a theme for a birthday, the classic “come as something that starts with the first letter of the host’s name” is a popular one e.g Host’s name is Sarah, you could go as a scuba diver! Easy! Another favourite is the cheeky “ABC or Anything But Clothes” party. Party-goers must wear any kind of material that isn’t clothing to the party. A huge amount of fun, and a touch risque!

The internet is full of awesome party theme ideas, so ask Uncle Google - he’ll be happy to help.

Type of Party

The type of party is a follow on from the above point. A picnic counts as a party, a lunch counts as a party!

Remember, that straying away from the traditional party framework allows you to cater for everyone, some of your friends may not drink, or might have small children, therefore a Saturday lunch may suit them really well.

It’s your party, you’re allowed to think outside the box. Just because it’s not your traditional Saturday night boozer doesn’t mean it has to resemble a five year old’s birthday party.


The playlist can have a big impact on the party. In theory you'll know your demographic and the sort of tunes they’re into. If you’re after the ultimate rural shindig, sorry but country songs are a must and there are several classics you can’t go past! Check out this Spotify playlist for some ideas and if you fancy some good country tunes this Dedicated Country Playlist is one you can't go past! Make sure your speakers are sufficient to do the job - no one appreciates bangers that are rattled through a tiny set of iPod speakers!!

Grace Pettit is the Content Marketer for Grass Roots Media NZ. She regularly blogs about Agricultural Industry news, Social Media updates and anything in line with her passions of Horses, Young Farmers and Agriculture.