Whats new in Social Media | Week Ten

See the world in 360°

For 10 years now Facebook has allowed photo sharing. This week they’ve taken it to a whole new level by allowing panoramic photos to be viewed freely with the drag of a mouse, or the real-time movement of a smart phone.

The great part about this? All you need is a smart phone to be able to make one!

The value in 360° photos is the ability to explore the world through the eyes of others and being able to see places you perhaps couldn't otherwise.

Photos - How can this add value or play a part in your business?

The only limit is your imagination. Why not use the National Fieldays to try this out and show the location of your site. You can show the rest of the world what they’re missing?

There’s a small chance your Facebook App may not be entirely up to date to be able to have this function yet but never fear - it won’t be far away! If your camera doesn't have a panorama function there is already a selection of apps available.

Check out the Facebook 360 page to catch more of the action and see how to get involved.
Something even more fascinating are the 360° videos.

Think rock concerts, parades, flowing waterfalls, wildlife encounters, extreme sports and more.Unfortunately 360° videos aren't quite as simple at 360° photos and do require a clever 360° video camera kit but they will take the world by storm and be more readily available in no time.There are some stunning examples of 360° videos on the National Geographic Channel Facebook page.

Time to discover, Snapchat Discover!

Did you realise Snapchat has more functions than just 10 second photo sharing and funky filters?

Give this a shot, scroll right.

Yep, past the story timeline and into the colourful vortex of mosaic tiles, filled with headings containing the latest food combinations, celebrity drama, breaking news and you can find public story snaps linked to a specific event.

Snapchat, in the past hasn't been a ‘go-to’ for news and live event watching but with this new level of accessibility and design we can see users getting sucked into it. It’s also super easy to share what you’re watching with a friend, just hold down until the arrow pops up.

Emotiki - Māori Emoji Keyboard

Now this is a fantastic bit of fun that the team at Grass Roots Media is quite excited about!

Te Puia, a Rotorua visitor attraction, developed this concept and idea with the blessing of their elders after finding that media savvy young kiwis had no way of accurately representing themselves and their culture.

We're looking forward to seeing these crafty wee tiki lighting up posts and comments with a friendly pūkana or moving poi emoticon!

With 150 designs there'll be one for every situation and we can’t wait until they're released in mid July.

Check out the sneak peek below.

The countdown is on - thanks Te Puia!

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