What's New in Social Media | Week Sixteen

McKinsey Insights a big hit

McKinsey is a global firm, comprising more than 10,000 consultants and nearly 2,000 research and information professionals.

Their clients reflect their global nature with around 40% being in Europe, 35% in the Americas, 15% in Asia Pacific and 10% in the Middle East and Africa.

They also serve a broad mix of private, public and social-sector organisations.

The reason we want to showcase McKinsey&Company is because they have a very clever app called ‘McKinsey Insights.’

It gives you the ability on startup to select a range of topics that are of most interest to you and goes on to create an intelligent news board line up around those topics including the most popular articles and editors choice.

These are not your typical of mainstream news stories but a high level range of valuable insights directed at the professional.

Check it out!

Why Blog?

With these statistics in mind, how well are you keeping up the content within your blog?
Blogs are often straight from the horse’s mouth when it comes to business posting so it’s no wonder they’re so well read and taken as fact.

Blogs are not limited by industry or business type and getting regular contributors within the business on the day to day running, new projects, travel or conference reporting, is a fantastic way to engage with your audience.

Within blogs, photos are crucial to keep the reader engaged.

Search engines love fresh content and most often give preference to websites that publish quality content regularly.

Here's a few tips:

  • A photo preview is a mini advertisement on what they are about to read - so make it a good one! You want them to be of a high quality and to leave the potential reader curious and wanting more.
  • The content on your blog drives long-term results as a good piece of content will keep bringing in traffic. If your posts start ranking in the search engines, you will keep getting traffic and leads for days, months and years to come!

Remember the old Instagram logo?

The new logo created quite a stir with many people arguing there was nothing wrong with the old one.

A number of people likening the new logo to an old 90's Microsoft Word creation. After being released, amateur designers from across the globe submitted what they thought to be better designs. Take a look at what was suggested!

What do you think?

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