What's New in Social Media | Week Twenty


Have you stumbled across Instagram Stories yet?

Those circles at the top of your Instagram home screen show the people you follow who have a story available. Click on any one of them to view or on the first one to begin the show!

If you tap on an image it will bring up the next story from the person you are viewing and if you swipe left or right it takes you to the next profile in your story line. I warn you though, the chance of getting caught up in these photos and videos, then completely losing track of time is very real.

Yes it is quite similar to the concept of snapchat, but for me, I don’t follow many people on Snapchat and keep it mostly to friends and family. I find it’s often not easy to locate users on Snapchat unless you know their username, so having this function has made it much easier and I notice many bloggers in New Zealand taking it up very quickly!!

As you can see from my screenshots below, it’s super simple and is still much like Snapchat with photo or video options and swipeable filters.

In the drawing option there is a cool neon-sign type pen which is a small point of difference.

They are publicly available to view and the order of the stories is based on when they last posted.
To keep your story at the front of the queue it’s best to post regularly - but post something worth seeing! I’ve already swiped past a bit of nonsense so be sure not use it purely for the sake of using it.

You can also hide your stories from certain people, should you need to!

Instagram has thought outside the box as well. Download a snapchat image or story onto your phone then load it into your Instagram story by swiping down to reveal your gallery!

Best of both worlds.

See the white or translucent lines across the top?

This shows you how many images or videos are in the story. The Young Rural Ladies series was a fun one today and certainly made me a little envious!

Here is a handy article with all you need to know about the tricks and tips of this new feature.
With Snapchat being the fastest growing form of social media, Instagram have been very clever to replicate and improve on it - minus the fun face filters at this stage.

The options for business advertising and putting a story and face to a brand has just gone through the roof. I think it’s going to be a big deal, so get started and be an early adopter!

My official, super-smart analysis... I LOVE IT!

Introducing Instant Video Messenger!

Don't tell my sister, but i got you some screenshots of the latest addition to Facebook Messenger and the instant video message option.

A marginally different effect to the existing video calling function and I finally worked it out - both people within the chat must be active and have the latest version - I really liked it!

It adds a video box to the messenger conversation, filming either just the person who pressed the new, top right video button or both should you choose too. If you want to give it a shot, be sure to have the latest version of messenger and make sure you only have one chin on show when you kick off!

Did you ever use blab.im?

As of mid-August, blab.im closed for business.

What’s really cool though is creator, Shaan Puri, put a bunch of information up explaining what did and didn’t work, the highs and lows as well as a little about what his team is working on to better the experience and create the next generation of blab.im type movement. You can read more about this insightful and graceful exit here.

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