What's New in Social Media | Week Twenty-One

Ripl is a new app that allows anyone to create animated social media posts in a short video format!

It's a great way to create videos without needing any expensive technology or super awesome cinematography skills.

The process is easy:1. Add photos and text into Ripl2. Choose a design and customise the style3. Write a caption, add hashtags, and share!

Ripl brings your text and photos to life in a short video.

The basic or free plan allows you to choose a range of styles, fonts, colors, and music. The Pro version, for US$9.99/mo offers customised logos, music and more.

You can easily share to Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. The free version gives you plenty to play with!

I see a couple of minor issues here. Not with the app but here in rural NZ with its poor connectivity. My patience waiting for a photo to load is bad enough, let alone a video, so just keep that in mind when creating something for your audience. Short and sweet!

The other problem right now is that it's not yet available on Android but you do have the option to join the waiting list. I'm sure it won't be far away.

Have some fun with this and check out a few samples on the website


Does the limit of 140 characters within Twitter turn you off?

It does me!

I REALLY struggle to get what I want to say in to such a tiny space, let alone tagging people and adding hashtags or images. It's the number one reason I tend to stay away from Twitter unless there are events I want to report from.

Finally we have some progress!

As of Monday the 19th it appears as though Twitter will be putting the last two of their four promises into action.

@ handles/usernames will no longer be counted in replies

Media attachments will no longer count against your 140 character limit.

With Twitter engagement statistics falling, what's your view on these changes encouraging more people to get involved because of less restrictions? 

Do you want to be a leader in social media?

Forbes is a great resource and has recently shared their predictions for new up and coming social media for the second half of 2016.

Here is a summary:

  1. More private messaging options will appear.
  2. Platforms will begin to adopt unique visual content formats.
  3. Newsfeed algorithms will become homogenised.
  4. Live video will catch on.
  5. More platform customisation options will develop.
  6. Social commerce will become more accepted.
  7. In-app content is about to get weird.

The point that stands out to me here is live video utilisation.

It's something I've hidden away from at risk of embarrassing myself or oversharing my personal life.

Companies using it to enhance business engagement and marketing I think will certainly increase and so it should!

Humanising companies is a fantastic way to engage with your audience. 

I always love to read others predictions.

After hearing from Ian Proudfoot twice recently around the KPMG Agribusiness Agenda and future predictions around food and agriculture, I'm excited but anxious around such a changing world.
The key now is to KEEP UP!

  • Don't get left behind. 
  • Read.
  • Study.
  • Question.
  • Think outside the box.

Chanelle O’Sullivan is Grass Roots Media's Social Media Specialist. She originally studied agriculture, before moving south onto a Station, followed by a stint dairy farming. After three years vet nursing, she is now a Mum to two kids and creator of Farming Mums NZ and ‘Just a Farmers Wife’ while also working part-time for the NZ Landcare Trust and Grass Roots Media.

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