National Novel Writing Month

Welcome to National Novel Writing Month!!

I'm going to be straight up....everything I write or say is a novel. Those who know me, know that I use a lot of words to describe my stories. I even repeat the detail when trying to get a desired reaction from the listener. Thanks Mum, that's your trick!
However, when it comes to writing, my novels are more like short stories. A 500 word limit with pictures, graphs & quotes.

The digital novel is now a blog and has been since around 2006.

Notice how e-readers didn't really take over the market like smart phones? That's because the way we consume information has changed. It has to be short, informative and able to be consumed during our commute, in our lunch break or even listened to while driving.

The humble novel is now even a podcast.

In my opinion the novel still has its place. Most good novels end up on the big screen - Harry Potter, 50 Shades of Grey, Water for Elephants, to name a few.

A novel is best suited to those who like to unwind from a stressful day and relax weary eyes. The eyes are one body part that's worked harder than most others during a day in the office, other than maybe our fingers!

I know I need to read more for relaxation. I've just never really taken to reading.

A detriment to my understanding of the English language maybe?

If I'd read more, I feel I might be able to challenge those kids on TV1s Spellbound from my comfy couch at home. Currently they show this accomplished speller up!

I digress.

I always find it hard to get into a non-fiction book. Most information I consumer is to help expand my knowledge bank rather than allowing myself to be taken on a journey via someone else's imagination which is committed to paper.

I do however, have two memorable reading experiences:

  • Harry Wakatipu - a children's book, which I read multiple times throughout my schooling years. A great NZ book all kids should read.
  • Water for Elephants - I read this book while travelling in Canada and I swear I missed some beautiful scenery as I couldn't put this book down! Subsequent books by the author I'm told aren't as good so I've not read another of hers since.

Its not foreign to me to read a novel, I just haven't made it a hobby. I'm a digital, short form information consumer who would rather consume bite size chunks of information on the go.
I am the new age information consumer.

Without books and the writers who spent years perfecting their stories, we wouldn't have had entertainment and educational resources in times gone by.

Thank you for teaching us a thing or two Novelists and for providing us with years of entertainment.
You've allowed our imaginations to flourish... some authors more than others!!

What Novelist do you always pick up and read when given the chance?

The NZ hub of National Novel Writing Month is in Palmerston North! Find out some more here 

Chelsea Millar is the Owner of Grass Roots Media NZ and co-founder of the seminar series Rural Voice. When she's not tweeting and flitting from location to location you can find her behind a camera or being active.

She was a finalist in the 2016 Women of Influence awards.