What's New in Social Media | Week Twenty Six

...Now? What about now?

Track Maven recently analysed 17.5 million social posts by 17,737 brands to come up with a clear guideline for posting times over various forms of social media.

It turns out the best time to post on Facebook is 8pm on Thursday, while for Twitter it's 5pm on the same day.

It's bright and early for LinkedIn types! Judging by the prime time of 9am (Particularly on Wednesdays), I'd say that while checking emails first thing and seeing some notifications, it's leading to some early morning LinkedIn visits!

Instagrammers and Pinners tend to have a scroll at the end of the week, but at different times of day.

Instagram posts are most popular at 7pm on Fridays (Oh gosh, what does this say about us!?)
What about for your business pages? Do you think your Facebook insights are an accurate representation of your busiest times?

Check out the full cheat sheet here

Are you happy with the growth of your social media following?

I came across a great website this week, sharing social media marketing knowledge and statistics called "TrackMaven" they are a company that provides insights into your marketing performance, competitors, content, and campaign strategy, so you can focus on differentiating your message! Well worth a look :)

#didyouknow By 2018, the number of social network users worldwide is predicted to grow to 2.44 billion, or nearly one third (32.58 percent) of the projected global population!?

So your social media fellowship is growing, but is it at a good rate - or is social media inflation accounting for your gained followers?

Just how “good” is your growth? How can you make sure the value of your audience isn't depreciating?

These fab infographics from TrackMaven are a great explanation of what is 'good' growth and a few tips on the do's and dont's.

I would recommend checking their website for the full list of tips, tricks and downloadable 'cheat sheets'


Some stats from Facebook's latest earnings figures:
- Daily active users rose to 1.18 from 1.13 billion last quarter, up 17% year-over-year
- 1.66 billion mobile monthly active users up 5.7% from 1.57 billion in Q2
- a new billion-user milestone as it reached 1.055 billion mobile-only users
- Mobile now makes up 84% of Facebook’s ad revenue
Wouldn't that be nice!! ;) 

Chanelle O’Sullivan is Grass Roots Media's Social Media Specialist. She originally studied agriculture, before moving south onto a Station, followed by a stint dairy farming. After three years vet nursing, she is now a Mum to two kids and creator of Farming Mums NZ and ‘Just a Farmers Wife’ while also working part-time for the NZ Landcare Trust and Grass Roots Media.

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