What's New in Social Media | Week Twenty Nine

Welcome to the future - Virtual Reality

Have you put much thought into virtual reality?

Does it still sound a bit 'Jetsons' to you?

Well, it's time to change your perception. 

The potential for virtual reality technology has been ramped up by Google’s recent acquisition of Eyefluence.

Judging by the recent launch of the Daydream VR headset, Google seems determined to make virtual reality mainstream by fusing Eyefluence’s eye-tracking tech with their augmented virtual reality displays. 

At $79.99USD you can already purchase a relatively stylish, Daydream, virtual reality headset! Not a shabby price huh! Of course you will need a clever smart phone to drop into the front of it but I think over time the daydream capabilities and similar will be automatically built into the new models.

Check out more on the phones here.

For some options, you will be able to use your phone already. Check out the list and information here to find out if your phone could be used already. 

At this stage the users are mostly hardcore gamers but once you start digging you find out that there really is no limits to the VR capability. 

Are you going to be a leader here?

How could you incorporate it into your business?

How can this be related back to social media you ask? Well aside from making for an even more addictive game of PokemonGo, rumour is that Virtual Reality could be used instead of posting photos and videos. For example, you might post a 360-degree experience showing you immersed in some virtual world. You would still have the same friends and the same network – only you might choose to interact with them from time-to-time in the virtual world as well. (For example, you might invite a friend in a different part of the real world to play ping-pong in the virtual world as a brief diversion from a boring day at the office!?)

After all, Facebook did buy Oculus VR, the most famous virtual reality company in the world, for $2 billion back in 2014. And at Facebook’s most recent F8 conference for developers, the company’s executives talked about the concept of “social VR,” in which Facebook would help users have social experiences within virtual worlds... Absolutely mind blowing right?

If you need a laugh while learning about the VR experience, PLEASE check out this hilarious video!

If you cant beat 'em - Join 'em!

Facebook Business Influencer Guide

Facebook has recently released a 'Business Influencer Guide' It will help you get started, build a strategy, and develop your audience. There are 21 pages of priceless (and free!) information here that I recommend you take a look through if you are starting or wanting to grow your business with the help of Facebook. Here are some points it will help you with.

1. Earn trust.
2. Be heard
3. Listen & improve
4. Recruit talent
5. Engage employees
6. Protect & build your reputation
Download the complete guide here.

Autumn leaves, Fireflies and Blossom Trees

Have you seen Snapchats latest filter addition? If you scroll past the usual selection of face filters you come to these curtain type looks that make a new scene all around you. Aside from the ones pictured I have also seen stars, fireflies, bubbles and snow! 

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