What's New in Social Media | Week Thirty Seven


As I write this I am listening to Little Big Town on Spotify.
Did you know, to date, Spotify's music playlists have unlocked US$220 million in ad revenue for brands! I can't help but think, is this the next big marketing opportunity? It will be interesting to see what else Spotify will diversify into while they are on a roll!

DIY Geofilters

Have you had a play with Snapchats Geofilters before? 
Turn on your GPS, take a snap and swipe sideways until a fun filter pops up with your location.
Is your location missing? Want to create your own? Well now is your chance!
Confetti is a new app that allows you to create your own Snapchat filters. This means you can add a range of borders, stickers, and text to your filter, and choose from a variety of colours, styles, and categories.

Time to streamline - Asana

Ok, Are you ready for an insight into the ultimate project management and team collaboration tool?
Do you work from home / outside the office / in a large office / remotely / or just want to better manage many of life's projects and sub-tasks?
Here at Grass Roots Media we all work remotely, from home offices, hire-able offices or on the road. As you can imagine, it has the potential to be a logistical nightmare especially with kids, other work and family thrown into the mix.
What if I told you it's actually REALLY easy and the best way I have ever worked? Sure it takes a lot of self motivation and personal drive but what helps keep us all on the same wave despite these challenges, is a project management tool called Asana.



Here is a quick start guide into using Asana for the first time from creating projects, teams, tasks and more.
What I haven't mentioned is all the apps Asana can integrate with. From Slack; a project based messaging app, Dropbox and Trello for file and information sharing, GoogleDocs, Harvest; For tracking work hours and a whole bunch more!


I've been doing some research around hashtags lately. I'd recommend popping onto Instagram when you get a chance and typing single words that relate to who you are, what you do and love, into the search function. Up the top there will be related recommendations that you can swipe through.

Take notes of all these variations and the amount of tags each one has. Knowing these variations will help you to target your audience and be able to jump on board with popular tags to gain more views, and in turn - followers!
Best of luck and feel free to ask any questions!