What's New in Social Media | Week

We wheely love colour!

Let me introduce you to the beautiful tool that is the Adobe Colour Wheel.

Here at Grass Roots Media we work with colours every day. Whether is be in designing a companies website or logo, or creating images for content, we are continually looking for colours that stand out and compliment each other.

How can this be helpful to you? Do you have a colour in mind that you'd love to use in your branding but you aren't sure what other colours to put with it? This would be perfect.

How else would you use this tool? We'd love some more ideas!

Facebook's Digital Future

At the recent Facebook F8 conference, Mark Zuckerberg unveiled Facebook's 10 year plan which clearly laid out how Facebook's own properties and acquisitions are going to be steered in the coming months and years.

Instead of competing with each other as they are today, Facebook's Family of Apps will each be fulfilling their own unique purpose in the larger Facebook ecosystem:

* WhatsApp: One to One
* Messenger: Small Groups
* Facebook: Friends
* Groups: Community
* Instagram: World 
I have no doubt that Facebook is only going to get bigger and smarter year on year so having these platforms all working to serve the same purpose looks like it is going to be useful!

What's in?

#WordOnTheStreet according to the teens.

Snapchat is on the way out.
Instagram stories is on the climb.
Facebook is starting to age.
Twitter varies on location and celebrity following.

Where do you sit on the age/media spectrum? At 28 I have to agree with Snapchat and Instagram but an in denial about Facebook! Then again, who is our Facebook audience? #foodforthought... 


Chatwing has been around for a while now and had multiple functions. Essentially it is a live group chat room for Websites and claims to be the best free DIY App Building Software. You can build your own apps for iPhone and Android with a real time mobile app creator. You can create chat rooms and embed into any web page with HTML iFrame + Javascript chat widget + sync to white label iOS iPhone, iPad, Android app!

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