What's New in Social Media | Week Forty Five

IG redesigned direct

Instagram has launched a new Instagram Direct that makes it “fast and easy to turn any conversation into a visual conversation with photos and videos.” All texts, uploads, and reshares sent in Direct will soon appear in the same thread with disappearing photos and videos, which allows users to “seamlessly go back and forth with friends.”
Disappearing images and videos will be highlighted in blue in the inbox, where they can be viewed and replayed once. The new Direct is now rolling out to all iOS and Android users with the updated versions of the Instagram app so keep your app updated to be one of the first recipients!
  • Simply swipe left into Direct and tap the new blue camera icon at the bottom to take a disappearing photo or video, or tap the blue camera icon in an existing thread. As always, swiping right from feed will take you directly to the camera.
  • Tap the arrow to send it to individual friends or groups of friends.
  • Keep track of who has seen your message through notifications within the thread.

Mastodon is a new open-source social media platform that launched six months ago and is “growing like crazy,” such that new signups had to be shut down. Mastodon has said, “until quality of service can be assured for existing users.” 
The Verge reports that Mastodon has a similar look and feel to Twitter’s original chronological and public timelines but with some “key differences.” For example, Mastodon posts can have up to 500 characters rather than being limited to only 140 and users have the option to make individual posts private. The Verge also offers a beginner’s guide that offers “everything you need to know” about Mastodon’s new service. Hopefully it's not far away from opening back up so we can have a good look at what is one offer!

New LinkedIn Company Layout

Do you have your business set up as a company in LinkedIn? If you do you may have noticed a new layout recently. Much cleaner and tidier than the old format, the new view is simple and easy to use.
If you don't have a company page - do you need one? Here are a few questions to ask yourself to help with your decision.
  1. Do you have option of multiple contributors?
  2. Do you have staff who are active on LinkedIn?
  3. Do you frequently have blogs or articles through your business that could benefit from a professional platform to air them on?
  4. Is your profession one that is already active across LinkedIn?


  1. Instagram announced that “over 200 million people now use Instagram Stories every day
  2. Over 1.2 billion people actively using Messenger every month.”

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