What's New in Social Media | Week Forty Eight

Collect leads, boost engagement and drive sales using landing pages, contests and forms. ShortStack helps you gather customer data from your own website, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and more.

Put simply, ShortStack is a self-service platform that helps you build engaging campaigns for social, web and mobile. It is easy to collect data from your entire online audience. ShortStack also integrates the services you already use and puts your campaigns wherever your audience already visits. It helps you bypass web-development hurdles and social media platform restrictions!

"From simple sweepstakes and complex multi-round voting contests, to custom forms and product galleries, if you can think of it, you can build it with ShortStack."

It's also really quite visually appealing! They also have a really helpful Youtube channel to get you through start-up and building the campaigns.

Pablo by Buffer

This. Is. Awesome.

Dummy free, 30 second personalisable graphics with a huge photo library. Sadly it's not quite compatible with mobile yet but it appears that they are working on it. I usually use Canva for image creation but I've had a change of heart!

7 Reasons Social Media Marketing Is Still Underrated

I wanted to share this article with you that I came across this week. If you aren't sure whether you should delve deeper into the world of social media with your business, I urge you to think again! It's not going to go away so if you can't beat them - Join them!

Then if you don't want to run it? Well have we got a deal for you! ;)

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