What's New in Social Media | Week Fifty

This week I stumbled upon a GIF on Instagram. WHAT!?

It was a tiny short video that replayed at real time without the camcorder icon in the top right corner. That's why is threw me. So I did some research.
The best explanation I can come up with is - Boomerang.

Boomerang is a super simple app that doesn't currently have very many options at the moment, but its straightforwardness makes it easy to get hooked on using regularly.
Just select the front or rear-facing camera, point your camera at what you want to shoot and tap the white button.
Boomerang works by taking 10 photos super quickly and then stitches them together, speeds the sequence up and smooths it all out. The end result is a mini video, with no sound, that looks exactly like a GIF, and loops back to the start when it finishes!
You can read more about it and see examples on the Instagram blog here

To-Do by Microsoft

Do you remember I talked about an App recently called Wunderlist?
Microsoft To-Do comes from the same team that made Wunderlist—the app that was acquired by Microsoft in 2015.
Prior to joining the Microsoft fold, Wunderlist cultivated a userbase of over 10 million users and gained significant acclaim. It appeared on many ‘best-app of the year’ lists, including top nods from official iTunes and Google Play stores.
To-Do is now the focus of the Wunderlist team. The old app will be phased out in its favour. Don't forget it also seamlessly synchronises with Android, iOS and Windows 

Fines for Social Media hate posts!

This sounds good to me at first glance!
"Social networks like Facebook or Twitter could face fines of up to €50 million in Germany if they fail to remove hate speech or libel quickly enough.The country's justice minister,  Heiko Maas, says that monitoring of the sites' content by youth protection organization Jugendschutz.net shows that Facebook's record has actually got worse.

While last summer, the company was apparently blocking 46% of criminal content reported by users, that figure's now fallen to 39%. Only 33% were deleted within 24 hours of the complaint."
While the new law wouldn't extend the definition of criminal speech, he says, it could cover fake news 'if it constitutes slander, defamation or libel'.
"Hate and hatred endanger the cohesion in our country, are poison for our society," says federal youth minister Manuela Schwesig.

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