Facebook Spaces

You've heard of 'virtual reality' haven't you?
You know, the goofy headset shown in futuristic settings or being used by 'hard-core' gamers?
Well, I'm here to break the news to you, Virtual Reality is not myth nor fable, VR is here and it's time to embrace it. One way you can do that is by reading further into 'Facebook Spaces'
A demo was given by Facebook's, Mark Zuckerburg in early October as he was viewed as a cartoon version of him self, joined by others while he demonstrated what Spaces does and has the potential to do. Essentially, Spaces allows you to catch up with friends from across the globe in one virtual 'place', like you were all in one room, in cartoon form!

At this stage it's compatible with Oculus Rift head gear and touch, but it will be developed over time to run with different systems for easy accessibility. In your 'Facebook Space' you will be able to Draw 3D objects with virtual markers, video call your friends outside of VR, show them your phone gallery and share selfies of your VR memories on Facebook!
Now we have a question for you! Do you think this is going to gain traction and take off?