Legalities of Instagram Reposting

There are some legal considerations you should take time to think about when it comes to sharing content from other people on social media.

And, with Instagram, there are additional considerations because the platform itself doesn’t support sharing content. So, before you start (or keep) regramming to Instagram, take a look below to protect yourself and your business.

Disclaimer: Do not hold any of the information in this blog post as formal legal advice. If you have a concern or issue, please consult your own legal support for personalised and accurate advice.


First and foremost, you must remember that the user who shared the original post retains all copyrights to the image you plan to share (unless they relinquish the rights to that image). Therefore, you MUST always give attribution to the original user.

Using an app like Repost (on Android and iOS) will allow you to @ mention the original user and share their original post caption on your share. These apps include a watermark on the image you share with the original user’s Instagram username. This is ideal because it guarantees that the original user is given full attribution for their content.

http://repostapp.com/ is a highly recommended app and it is very easy to use:

1.    Scroll through Instagram until you find an image you want to share with your followers.
2.    Click the three dots icon and select Copy Share URL.
3.    Open the Repost app and click the image you want to repost.
4.    Select your watermark options and click the Repost button.

Direct Consent

You must get the user’s express consent to regram the content.

How do you do this? You have to ask them. And we highly recommend you get the permission in writing.

You can comment on their original post letting them know you like the photo and that you would like to share it to your account and audience. Then, ask point blank if you have their permission to regram it. You can also send the user a Direct Message asking the same thing if you don’t want to post it publicly on their original post.

Once – and only once – they have given you an positive response in writing, providing you with permission to regram their content may you share it to your account. If they don’t respond, you don’t use it. Asking is not enough. You need actual consent.

Content with Minors

Express consent is significantly more important when the image you want to regram includes children or minors. Please be very cautious about this!

Being cautious, doesn’t mean you can’t do it. It just means, make sure you get absolute written consent to use any photos that include children.

I know, this sounds like a hassle. And it’s not to say you can’t use children in your regrams. Lots of companies (big and small) do it all the time. You just need to be more vigilant in your acquisition of this content.

Leveraging User Generated Content on Instagram is a great way to curate a beautiful Instagram feed, and an excellent strategy for marketing your business, too. But it’s incredibly important to follow the UGC rules of reposting to Instagram! Always remember to give credit to the original poser and when in doubt ask for permission!

Take the time to do things the right way. Ask permission. Share responsibly. Your audience and customers will appreciate you that much more for it. And you’ll be safer in the long run. Set the example.