Augmented Reality + Marketing

Augmented reality is a relatively new phenomenon that is slowly seeping into marketing campaigns globally.
What is augmented reality? You have Snapchat, right? Those filters you are having fun with are the simplest and most common form of augmented reality. Essentially a digital overlay over a real life image.
Just recently, Ben & Jerry's broke new ground by using AR in Facebook as a clever way to release a new brand of ice cream. Users take a selfie, and the filter overlays a pair of glasses and ice-cream cones. Tapping the filter causes it to rain virtual marshmallows and presto: you have to try and gobble as many as possible as the cones keep count.
To see more examples of how companies are using augmented reality in their marketing campaign, check out this article by Forbes and have a think about how you could use a similar technique to stand out from the crowd!