Instagram Stories Update

This week Instagram has not only introduced GIFs to stories but this morning have released 'Type' Mode.  Very similar to Facebook's colourful status updates, type mode allows you to use a variety of colours and fonts to express your self in stories. 

When you open the camera to create a Story, you can see 'Type' on the bottom left hand side of the scene by the record button. If you click 'Type', you can see the colourful background options, with a range of fonts to choose from.  Just add a GIF using that updated function (see our Facebook page for this weeks #toptiptuesday) and you have a creative creation ready to go.

You can even use these new fonts when adding text to videos and photos.  Something I am looking forward to as I am certainly a 'Neon' font kinda girl.  Whats your go to font?