Who Doesn't Love a Good List?

Updating you Facebook status?  

Do you share your feelings, check in, create a poll, ask a recommendation or a question?  Now you can create lists using the status update function on Facebook.

Rolling out this week you can create colourful lists, filled with emojis in a bulleted or numbered format, for whatever you feel you need to list to the world of social media.

Lists can be numbered or bulleted, and you can use a list from the selection on Facebook or create your own.
What kind of things things might you see listed you ask?  Here's a list of things you could post:
  • Songs that motivates you
  • Fitness goals for that 10K you're running in April
  • Podcasts to listen to
  • Places to visit
  • Lists of random thoughts or inspirations

Heads up, nobody wants to see a daily list of jobs to do, that list is right up there with the post about the marmite sandwich you had for lunch.