Facial Recognition on Facebook

Over the last day or so you may have seen a message like the one to the right appear on your newsfeed on Facebook.  Easy to scroll on passed but it's worthwhile knowing what it is about and deciding for yourself if you want it to remain active or not.

While facial recognition is nothing new, it has been used to identify people in photos since 2010, this tool differs in the fact that it helps you find photos that you’re not tagged in and can let you know when others might be attempting to use your image as their profile picture.  A pretty cool part of this tool is that it allows the visually impaired to know more about who is in the photos they come across on Facebook.

Photos from Facebook

You will now receive notifications when your picture is posted on Facebook, providing you are part of the audience it is posted to, and you can decide if you want to tag yourself, remain anonymous or discuss the use of photos with the poster.

What is perhaps the controversial element of this roll out is the fact that Facebook users have had this feature automatically turned on.  It is relatively easy to toggle the settings if you want to turn it off.  Simply go to Settings > Account Settings > Facial Recognition > On/Off.