Facebook Youth and Parent Portal

Facebook is stepping up to the privacy plate.

They have recently launched their Parent Portal and Youth Portal, a platform to educate parents and teens about their service, address bullying, offer tips to stay secure, and how their data is being used.

Continuing in our June series about data protection, we recommend exploration of this site for both the young people in our lives AND for the young at heart. Even if you have heard it all before, this is a good reminder for everyone. 

Written in an easily digestible, often editorial format, the GRM team found useful nuggets and reminders to help us understand the social media beast. For example: 

Let's be real, it is not as if this is new groundbreaking material. However, most of it may be lost in overwhelming Terms and Service Agreements and other backend places that people don't usually frequent for bedtime reading.

Facebook is also using this platform to comply with their GDPR obligations. Wait..still confused about the GDPR business? Don't worry, we have your back: GRM GDPR Overview

But wait...there's more!

In addition to links to their Privacy and Security Checkups, the GRM team is excited about the Parent Portal & Bully Prevention Hub

Our team is frequently asked about parenting young adults in this tech age, specifically online bullying and how to address it. The Facebook team has done a brilliant job partnering with the Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence collating thorough materials to walk parents and educators through definitions, conversation points, and action steps to arm concerned parents.

We know this is a long time coming and is only the first step on a long education journey, but our team applauds Facebook for this useful resource. Thanks team!