Instagram TV...... Say What?

Yep that is correct - Instagram now has it's own TV platform.

Whether you watch via the Instagram app or use the dedicated IGTV app you can keep track of even longer videos and clips from your favourite 'Instagrammers' as well as your friends.

Because a 1 minute tutorial on 'How to make a chicken a vest' is never going to be long enough, you can now watch and create videos up to an hour long.  Another bonus of IGTV is that it is designed with viewing on a mobile device in mind, all of the content is full screen and vertical.

Just like a TV once you tune in the video is already rolling with content from people that you already follow on Instagram. Want something different, you can change channels just like you would a regular TV, discovering new content by swiping up to find dedicated suggestions just for you based on your likes.

This could be a game changer for video content on social media, and I wonder if we will see changes on other platforms.  

Who will you be tuning in to?