Boss Lady Speaks....about video!

Welcome to our new series titled "Boss Lady Speaks..." a monthly note from GRM's founder Chelsea about .... well, whatever she would like to share. She is the Boss Lady after all! 

Over the next month, the GRM team will be looking at all sorts of video - FB Live, IG TV, sharing stats, stories, and tools to help you succeed. If you have NOT used video, it is our goal that at the end of the month you will feel more confident using it. If you do utilise this tool, we hope you leave the end of the month feeling empowered, encouraged and with a few more tools in the tools in your belt. 

Without further ado, here is the Boss Lady herself: 

Thanks for watching! 

You just saw me sitting in the car at the airport and I am on my way to Southland. I'm off to the FMG Young Farmer of the Year Grand Final.

This is a bittersweet trip because it’s official. I’m too old for NZYF. *insert: SOB!*

This fact also sees me step off the Board, having completed a two year term. Officially being too old to be a member, means I couldn't re-stand this year when my term finished. It's honestly been an awesome 8-years with the organisation and I will be sad to say goodbye….but don’t think they'll be getting rid of me that easily. There are still many ways to contribute.

Finally, I'm also taking a small break to the Milford Sound after the event is finished and I'm turning off all technology. (Say whaaaat?!) Did you just choke on your coffee? Yeah, my team did too. Want to wager on my chance of success? Four days of no tech. Bliss. Can't wait and I will catch you on the flip side! 

a.k.a. Boss Lady

Chelsea Millar is the owner of Grass Roots Media (GRM), a cat named Ducati, and a spicy red Mini Cooper called Pacey. She primarily takes on the role of 'Boss Lady' for GRM but also flits around the primary industries wearing many agvocating hats .... and making magic happen in most of those spaces.  

Chelsea has a background in Agribusiness, Social Media, Digital & Print marketing and has developed a passion for digital communication as she sees it playing an important role in telling the Primary Industries NZ Inc story now, and in the future.