Declutter your Digital Desktop

Five tips to declutter and clean up your digital desktop.

  • Clean out your inbox - you know you are a digital hoarder when you have 1,214 unread emails. Set time aside each day, and tackle your inbox. It might be once every hour, or at the start of your day.
  • Get rid of duplicate files - not only is digital clutter stressful, it also takes up unnecessary storage.  Delete your duplicate files - you will feel so much better for it. 
  • Have a system - if you haven't already, set up a filing system and rename any folders called 'New Folder'. This will save you from having to use the Search option every time you are looking for a document. 
  • Remove icons - it's the same concept as a tidy desk at work. Remove all icons you don't need from your desktop, and delete any that you don't use.
  • Get rid of programmes you don't use - do you still have that fitness app on your phone that you downloaded a year ago, but have never used? DELETE! Once you have decluttered, try organising them into folders (social media, creative, fitness)