The Life Changing Magic of Content Calendars

Can you hear the GRM team’s mental gears shifting like crazy? 

No? I’m surprised. They are going nuts over here.

Here’s why. Last month you heard us talking about the value of setting social media goals and aligning them with your business goals. We even offered to meet with you to make this task a reality. In the end, many of those consultations left us inspired and we were honoured to help.

This month? Well, we WERE going to focus on how social media is playing a part in many upcoming events we support. BUT. You changed our minds. Almost every.single.one of our January goal setting sessions had an anguished sigh at the thought of regularly generating content. Not one of them had a plan. {Don’t worry, we quickly sorted that out.}

So, with that in mind, we thought - these people can’t be alone. So here we are pivoting like crazy, changing up OUR February content calendar, and creating resources that can help you put your best 2019 social media goals forward.

(Still want information about events+social media? Watch this space in March - we won’t let you down.)

Now listen up. This is NOT just for social media agencies like ours. This is for ANYONE who is in charge of their social media. Small business owner, communications coordinator, office manager, interns. Do you have a social media page? You * need * a * content * calendar! They are magic for your brain. 

It doesn’t need to be complicated. You just need to be invested in what content you’re providing your audience and understand what objectives it’s trying to achieve.

Can you tell we are a liiiiitttle passionate about this? 

Why? Like Marie Kondo’s crazy tidying up techniques, we believe a content calendar will clear space in your brain, improve online aesthetic, and reduce your stress levels.*

*Disclaimer: none of the above statements are scientifically proven, but our whole team unanimously agrees from A LOT of experience trying it both ways.

I started to use content calendars for social media in 2014. The primary reason was to receive content approval by my boss and our legal team — this is what happens when you work for an insurance company. However, it did allow me to do the following:

  • Incorporate a range of great content — much of it supplied by other departments in the company (and give them enough time to supply it!)
  • Tie specific marketing campaigns into the content for that month.
  • Be transparent to my whole team
  • Bring everyone on board
  • Create interesting varied content

An added benefit? It also builds trust with your audience, as they know they won’t JUST be receiving sales pitches or JUST hilarious cat memes (time and a place!!). 

In short? Content calendars help you control your social media rather than it controlling you.
This makes us just want to do a happy dance. (see? Time and a place) 

So, what does this look like? It’s a little different for everybody but next week we will be sharing some step-by-step processes WE use because it works with our team preferences and systems.
Until then, our challenge to you is to take 20 minutes right now and simply plan ahead three - five posts this week. 

You can do it. Make me proud. 

Hey! If you can’t wait a week to see how we do it and this is still overwhelming, feel free to reach out to me. I’d love to work one-on-one with you to create a months worth of content. Let’s chat.

Chelsea Millar is the owner of Grass Roots Media (GRM), a cat named Ducati, and a spicy red Mini Cooper called Pacey. She primarily takes on the role of 'Boss Lady' for GRM but also flits around the primary industries wearing many agvocating hats .... and cheering on the industry wherever she lands.

Chelsea has a background in Agribusiness, Social Media, Digital & Print marketing and has developed a passion for digital communication as she sees it playing an important role in telling the Primary Industries NZ Inc story now, and in the future