There's Not A RIGHT Way to Make a Content Calendar

A content calendar doesn’t have to be fancy. Anyone can make one. You don’t need to share it with anyone else and it can be written on paper or done digitally. 

Like Chelsea shared last week, we repeatedly discussed the topic of content calendars with our goal setting clients last month. So many of them expressed frustration at the thought of having to generate content regularly. They faced one of two problems:

  1. Only posting when inspired/remembered = inconsistent posting.
  2. Regularly posting but never sure what to post = inconsistent and off brand content.

She went on to describe WHY content calendars are so important. It’s a good one! She also discusses it in her latest FB LIVE so if you are an audio learner — check it out!

I’ll let you in on a secret….there’s not a RIGHT way or a WRONG way to making a content calendar.
I know. Shocking. 

Here are some points from our team with extra tips from Chelsea-Boss Lady herself.


Chelsea prefers the Microsoft Word calendar template and just add words. Each of us on the team prefers other methods. Here are some ideas:
  • Google Calendar/ICAL
  • Word/Google Doc
  • Asana
  • Excel/ Google Sheets
  • Notes function on your phone
  • Pen and Paper/Dedicated Diary
  • The free calendar from the local pharmacy/feed store/supermarket

This might take a couple months to figure out but when you do…it’s magic.


We can’t stress this enough…..make your content manageable! If you only want to post 3x a week then plan for that. If you want to post 7x a week plan for that. Just set a comfortable content goal and kick it out of the park. We plan a month ahead.


Write a running list of types of content you like to read or things that may be important for your brand. For example stats, memes, photos, quotes, hard push. You can return to this list month after month. 

Boss Lady Pro Tip 1: Pinterest is your best friend to help break break your brain freeze!

Boss Lady Pro Tip 2: Set 1-2 consistent weekly themes. For example Sustainability Sunday, or Team Tuesday. It is so satisfying to automatically write them in your calendar and soon you only have a couple extra spaces to fill! 


Each month we put aside one hour in the middle week of the month with an empty calendar to dream, research and plan our content for the following month. We look at our analytics to see what worked well in past months, key messages we want to push, events we want to promote, and a running list of ideas (see above). 

Boss Lady Pro Tip: I don’t actually write any posts or write content out when I’m planning. Why? Because I WILL get distracted in the minutia of finding photos, cat memes, words, and links.


We ensure our content has a good mix of informative, helpful and humorous posts. We mix up videos, photos, and links. We also make sure every piece aligns to a business goal and falls into three content pillars: brand awareness, conversion, engagement.


Here is where we finally write the content. As the “Content Chick”, this is my favourite part! If you have done the hard work above, this bit should be easier and take less time than ever before. 

So. Our challenge to you this week to plan a week a head using some of the concepts listed above! Here’s a handy FREE downloadable to get you started. Let us know how it has worked or shoot us a question in the comments, a message, or contact us! We’d love to help. 

What content have you got planned this month? What types of content have you found worked best? Our ears are ALWAYS open for new processes so please share anything else in your wheelhouse. Share the love below!

Trista Burn is an American-born-Kiwi-by-marriage communications specialist. A dairy farmer’s daughter, and a legacy deeply rooted in ag, Trista firmly believes in the value of agvocating and sharing stories. In other words - the heartbeat of GRM.

Home made Apple Pie, Mexican food, soft chocolate chip cookies and coffee are the way to Trista's heart. She is thriving in the Kiwi summer and spending all the time outside with her son, husband and one overly affectionate GSP pup named Harry.