Kondo Your Content Calendar

Does your social media account spark joy back to your business?

At the beginning of the year, unnamed members of our team {*cough*Trista+Anna} totally got behind the latest tidying up craze. Our sock drawers are still beautiful.

We 100% believe this applies to your social media accounts. A little bit of prep and organisation can go a loooong way.

As Chelsea shared about the life changing magic of a content calendar a couple weeks ago, “Why? Like Marie Kondo’s crazy tidying up techniques, we believe a content calendar will clear space in your brain, improve online aesthetic, and reduce your stress levels.” Truuuuth. 

If this sounds like a bit of you but found yourself looking at a blank computer screen, we shared a quick glimpse into HOW we get started and set up a free downloadable so you can get your own content down in a tidy organised fashion.

We also know successful social media users all use a plan so we tracked down one of the best and asked her to share. We are so thankful Emma Rowe took the time to share how she uses content calendars at FMG and Farmstrong. Not only that but she shared five steps to get you started.

Loved. It. 

We hope you are able to prep well and kick your performance up to the next level. 

Still stuck?

Don’t worry, we have your back. GRM can offer a variety of other services — it simply depends what you need and your budget. Here are some examples of what we currently offer around content planning and development: 

Content Calendars: We create bespoke content calendars based on companies analytics and goals. They then DIY their own content and we review at the end of the month to create the next one. {This month we are offering one month for $47!}

Content calendars + Content creation: no DIY required! We listen to your goals, regularly touch base, work hard to capture your tone of voice and drive your social media channels engagement.

Event Content Calendars: Running a launch or event and need some direction? We can help or we can drive the entire digital conversation around your event. Take your pick!

Still don’t see an answer to your biggest pain point? Contact us and let’s see how we can help.

Trista Burn is an American-born-Kiwi-by-marriage communications specialist. A dairy farmer’s daughter, and a legacy deeply rooted in ag, Trista firmly believes in the value of agvocating and sharing stories. In other words - the heartbeat of GRM.

Home made Apple Pie, Mexican food, soft chocolate chip cookies and coffee are the way to Trista's heart. She recently celebrated Thanksgiving and is super thankful for all of the above … and her husband, son, pumpkin pie, linen curtains, and one overly affectionate GSP pup named Harry.