Events + Social Media

Want in on a little pre-Grass-Roots-Media secret? Before Grass Roots Media blossomed into a beautiful little social media consultancy — I wanted to create a mobile, rentable event on wheels. I have a long history with events and I am not going to lie. I thrive in the multi-tasking, anticipation, atmosphere creating, community building, problem solving goodness and all of the other craziness that events bring. 

In other words?

Events {and social media} are my jam.

It’s only appropriate that we celebrate all things events + social media in March because our events calendar for this month is PACKED. This month we are pulling out all the GRM event tricks: running events of our own, managing social media for others, MC’ing events, promoting events, and even attending some just for fun!

From my experience, I understand every aspect of event coordination and firmly believe social media has a strategic place before, during, and after almost every event. {Watch this space as we will be digging into more Before, During, After tips next week!}

Here’s something I can’t stress enough when it comes to events + social media: 

You need a plan.
You need a plan
You need a plan.


  1. BEFORE: Peak the interest of your target markets, anticipation, and drive attendance before the event so people actually attend. If you don’t peak their interest, through marketing mediums they engage with, then how do you expect the event to be a success?
  2. DURING: Create a conversation during an event to add value for those who attend {and maybe create a little FOMO for those who missed it?!}
  3. AFTER: Remind people how great your event was, carry on the conversation you started at your event, and drive engagement for the next event.

Don’t worry, we will dig a little more into HOW to go about this next week and we will have a helpful tool for you to start getting your event social media savvy! 

Until then, share an event with us who does events + social media W.E.L.L. 

Here’s our list of superstars - who will you add?

Chelsea Millar is the owner of Grass Roots Media (GRM), a cat named Ducati, and a spicy red Mini Cooper called Pacey. She primarily takes on the role of 'Boss Lady' for GRM but also flits around the primary industries wearing many agvocating hats .... and cheering on the industry wherever she lands.

Chelsea has a background in Agribusiness, Social Media, Digital & Print marketing and has developed a passion for digital communication as she sees it playing an important role in telling the Primary Industries NZ Inc story now, and in the future