Your Social Media and Funnel Partnership

If you are not sure what a funnel is and how to use it in your social media strategy, this is a safe place, my friend.

First of all — this is NOT the funnel most of you are thinking about. {lookin’ at you NZ Young Farmers and Alumni who all have one too many 21st on your mind!}

No, we are talking about the digital marketing funnel - one that consists of a number of steps prospective clients go through to become aware of your brand and then become your customer.

Think of it this way, a funnel is like your drafting gate. Sheep come in one end and go one of three ways at the end. A potential customer lands in your digital space (be it social media or website) and can go one of many ways. The goal of a funnel is to avoid losing them back out the gate where they came!

In your digital space, this can include:

  • a digital advert
  • a landing page (not just your website home page),
  • an offer
  • an email sequence reminding them who you are and what you offer and then ultimately
  • a sale

Our method is a a seven-step funnel developed after a Ben Angel course I invested in. When we’re wanting to attract new customers to the business - both ours and our clients’ - we work to meet them wherever they’re at in our process.

You know the hardest thing with this type of advertising strategy?

Most people just send new clients to their website and there’s nothing there to hook them in or collect their data immediately.

It’s hard work.

Like a good crop, it takes some hard work and a pinch of luck but when you harvest the rewards - it will be totally worth it.

This month we are focussing on lead generation and two tools that can help you if you are willing to put in the hard work: Funnels and Chatbots.

Watch this space as we break down these topics in our upcoming blogs - including one expert voice and one down to earth client of ours, who is seeing GREAT success with their chatbot adventures.

Also watch this space for a FREE downloadable and an expert offer coming your way!

This chick is the real deal when it comes to social media and all things agvocacy. Chelsea is the Owner of Grass Roots Media and takes on the primary role of 'Boss Lady.' Chelsea has a background in Agribusiness, Social Media, Digital & Print marketing. She has developed a passion for digital communication over the past few years and sees it playing an important role in telling the Primary Industries NZ Inc story now, and in the future.

Chelsea completed the Kellogg Rural Leadership programme in 2015.