Social Media Engagement: It's a Party

To do social media engagement well - it’s helpful to think about it as one GIANT party. A party where every room is a different social media networking site. 

This party is currently one of the most popular places to be in the world. Over 3.2 billion people (42% of the population) are currently attending — in other words, it’s hoppin’.

Introvert or extrovert - love it or hate it - as a business, one of your goals is to use this digital party to network. You know you need to be here to spread the word about your brand. To share your messages. To build relationships, and to engage in two-way conversations with your audience.

Just like there are always a couple predictable personas at every party - the same can be said about social media networking.

For example. THAT guy. You know the one. That guy who only talks about himself, his accomplishments and does so loudly. Rarely does he listen to what others are saying and every topic comes back to him. He is handing out his business cards like candy and leaves an inauthentic trail of relationships behind him.

What does THAT guy have to do with social media?

Well, if your current newsfeeds look like a repetitive set of billboards promoting your product - you could be in danger of being THAT guy at the social networking party. When we simply post about ourselves, our products, our specials or links to our website we leave our contacts feeling inauthentic and cold.

Another frequent attendee is the wallflower.

She is the one playing with her phone in one hand and a drink in the other. She is simultaneously trying to look invisible while being present and trying to figure out who to talk to and how to talk to them. She doesn’t understand why this networking thing is important or how to do it well. She sighs and is about to just give up and go home.

In social media, this is the brand that has given social media a try but doesn’t post consistently because it feels too boastful. This brand manager scrolls through the newsfeed and is overwhelmed by competition and doesn’t know what to say. They are disheartened by their engagement stats and are about to neglect their social media accounts and call it a failure.

In both of these cases - learning how to do community management well is key.

DISCLAIMER: We recognise these are just two exaggerated personas and there are many in-between. However, for both ends of the spectrum and in-between community management training could help.

In other words, this is simply a little brush up on social networking party social skills and self-awareness.

Community management is the listening, responding, commenting, celebrating, sharing other peoples work, and ENGAGING with your audience to build relationships. It is about putting the 'social' back into social media. Community management ensures that your business is present and personable in the online world.

It is so important.

So important that we have an entire PERSON dedicated to this roll. We call her our “Community Chatter” and our Anna knows what’s up when it comes to community management. We are sharing some of her skills with YOU this September.

In addition to our blogs, social media tips and free downloadable, Anna will be running a customised “Community Management Boot Camp” this month. 5 days. 5 personalised challenges to help you brush up on your community management and ultimately boost your engagement. Give her a call to learn more!