Social Media Chatter: Need A Break?

Imagine being able to write your content, click publish and not think about your social media accounts until the next week when you sit down to do the same?

It can be hard to keep on top of the comments, worry about the right things to say, and write on other pages. You just want to get busy doing the job your are good at in the first place, right?

Grass Roots Media was founded because Chelsea saw an opportunity for the Primary Industries to communicate more effectively if the people had the tools and support they needed. However, as much as we love coaching, we also understand the need to take a break and let someone else drive for awhile.

Well, we can help with that! We can also pick up the reigns and drive your social media community management from our office.

That’s right, Grass Roots Media can be your social media voice.

We offer packages that curate, comment, and converse on your behalf. Feel the overwhelm leave. Just. Like. That.

Drop me a line and let’s see what we can customise for you and your needs!

Anna is a passionate member of the rural community. She is not only our Community Chatter but super Mum to Isabelle and older brother Jonty, as well as loving wife to Jon.

Anna grew up on sheep and beef farm at the top of the South Island, and in later years in the Wairarapa. She loves making the most of every opportunity, which allows her to swap her city shoes for boots and get back out into the country. Adding to our team of photographers, Anna also loves getting her camera out to capture those special moments.

In her spare time Anna can be found racing around the netball court, indulging in great wine and food, and spending time with her family.