Control Twitter Replies and Instagram Filters Photoshopped Images

This internet thing is bursting with Social Media news. Here are three things that caught our eye this month.

Twitter Giving Users More Control over Replies

For all of our Twitter fans, this platform will now allow you to control who can reply to your tweets.

Before you tweet, you can select one of the following: anyone, only those who a user follows, only those tagged, or setting a tweet to get no replies at all. Want to know more? Don’t @ me - learn more about it from TechCrunch.

Instagram Labelling Photoshopped Photos

In the name of protecting users from “Fake News” the social media king of filters will start filtering and labelling photoshopped imagery. Using a combination of technology and independent fact checkers, the company will apply a warning label. To be clear, the image will not be removed, it will simply have a warning label and an option to click through to the image. If you don’t believe us, Google it … or just check out one of these two articles: PetaPixel or HypeBeast

Instagram Stories Ads On The Rise

A recent Bloomberg article shared that Instagram stories get almost 10% of all ad spending on Facebook. In the same article, they shared a stat from Socialbakers that said advertiser spending on Instagram Stories jumped almost 70% from the prior year.

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